In a nutshell:

-          Use PPE including gloves whenever available (facemask and eye protection also if available)

-          Check for breathing by putting skin at your wrist over the casualty’s mouth – keep your head away from theirs

-          **If you do suspect that the casualty has COVID-19 then do inform the 999 call handler when phoning for an ambulance**

-          Before commencing chest compression only CPR place a towel of piece of clothing across the casualty’s mouth – this is to avoid any of their expired air coming into contact with the rescuer

-          Ensure good hygiene afterwards with effective handwashing

-          It is safe to use an AED, and this should be used as soon as it is available


If you have to do this in an emergency the Resuscitation Council (UK) recommend you seek advice from NHS 111 afterwards

The CPR protocol for children has NOT changed - it is likely that the rescuer knows the child and ventilations are essential for children as they are more likely to initially be in respiratory arrest rather than cardiac arrest




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