On our First Aid Training courses many candidates prefer this way of rolling a casualty into a 'recovery position', as it is easy on the rescuers joints. However, with COVID-19 in mind, it is the best way of rolling a casualty over in my view in terms of keeping some distance away from the casualty's airway, thus decreasing the risk of your being exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Remember the bottom line is the position should be Stable with an Open, Draining Airway (think SODA!); it is essential to recheck breathing after changing a casualties position.

Note: This video was made in the shade as the model giggled too much when squinting in the sun (!) and was made in line with government social distancing guidelines. I am rolling over my husband in the video, and the camera person was 2+metres away, so not much in the way of close-ups. Thank you for bearing with us!


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