Mental Health is as important as physical health.

On Tuesday 23 March 2021, the First Aid (Mental Health) Bill was passed to a second reading and whilst the content of the bill is not yet available at the time of writing this article, it is thought that it will become compulsory for businesses to have a certain number of mental health first aiders in the workplace. As such, it will become law to have trained individuals with a current qualification the same as it is for physical first aiders.

With the recent pandemic affecting the mental health of over 1.9 million workers, for any organisation that prioritises its workforce's wellbeing by having trained mental health first aiders shows an ongoing commitment to its employees.

Benefits of First Aid for Mental Health training include:

  • Understanding of the current legislation pertaining to mental health and its place in the workplace
  • Tackling stigma surrounding mental health at work
  • Recognition of mental health signs and symptoms
  • Knowledge of mental health conditions
  • Being able to start effective conversations surrounding mental health with colleagues
  • Knowledge about where to signpost persons in need of mental health support
  • An increased awareness of how to support good mental health

The knock-on effects of having a positive mental health culture in the workplace through initiatives including the provision of First Aiders for Mental Health has been proved to include reduced staff turnover and absences due to illness, increased job satisfaction plus improved productivity, teamwork and staff morale.

There are 3 levels of training:

  • Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health - this is a 2-day course
  • Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health - this is a 1-day course
  • Level 1 Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health - this is a 4-hour course

Due to the current pandemic, these courses are currently being delivered via online Zoom classroom. This means that the individual candidate assessments are conducted 1:1 with the course trainer in a time slot which may be arranged on a day following the course rather than at the end of the course. For groups it is possible to deliver these courses in-person subject to a Covid-19 risk assessment and this would then mean that the individual assessments are conducted at the end of the course.

Further information on each course can be found on our website and upcoming course dates can be viewed here or contact us to discuss your options.

NEW: There is a now a Level 2 Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health course available and this is a 1-day course.

Written 20.4.21, updated 28.5.21





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