Aerialists (those who teach/perform with pole, silks, hoop, trapeze etc) have a specialist need for first aid training due to the risks associated with falls from height and potential for occurrence of sports-injuries. We have created a 1-day action-packed practical course to cover the major issues faced by those working in this industry. The syllabus can be slightly varied according to the particular needs of the client and for this reason the course syllabus covered is printed on the back of candidate certificates as standard. A comprehensive first aid manual - our ABCDE of First Aid is used to support the course and provide further background reading on key topics. A sample syllabus is as follows:

Course content:

Principles of First Aid including accident reporting and issues around consent

Vital signs

Incident Procedure

Treatment of an Unresponsive Casualty

Conscious casualty injury assessment

Bleeding including recognition and treatment of Shock

Compression only CPR practical

CPR theory including differences for Child casualties

Demonstration of use of an AED using a training unit



Soft tissue injury, fractures and dislocations

Management of Spinal, Pelvis and Head Injuries

Common medical conditions: Seizures (Epilepsy), Fainting, Asthma and Hyperventilation (‘Panic Attack’)                                  

Demonstration of how to use adrenaline auto-injectors for treatment of Anaphylaxis (Epipen and Emerade training pens)

If harnesses are used by the client: Harness Suspension Trauma

Other medical issues may be covered dependent on time/as relevant to the group: conscious Heart Attack/Angina, Diabetes

If applicable to client: Hypothermia /Hyperthermia may be covered


Candidates need to be fit enough to cope with the practical demands of the course i.e. to be able to kneel, roll over a casualty and perform simulated CPR on a manikin. A willingness to participate in all practical aspects of the course is essential, as although there is no formal examination, this course is continually assessed by the trainer.


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