We hope that you have a fabulous relaxing and fun time with friends and family. Please see below regarding our Christmas charity and job for advertising - would love to see how well word of mouth works! Please note that we will be closed over Christmas from 24 December 2014 to 5th January 2015.

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       Helen & co


Our Christmas Charity: Meningitis Now


Instead of sending out lots of Christmas Cards to clients and friends of Underwood Training, we have donated money to the charity Meningitis Now. I chose this charity as a good friend of mine has unfortunately been struggling with a viral meningitis that she contracted in June this year - thankfully she is on the mend, although it's been a hard time for her and her family. This charity not only provides fantastic support to families such as hers, but is also instrumental in researching ways to combat this group of diseases and in providing education materials.
Did you know:

  • A vaccine is now available for Meningitis B - it hopefully will be available with the common childhood vaccinations soon - read more here



Warnings for those with food allergies at Christmas

christmas_party.jpgFor great advice for food allergy sufferers this Christmas see this

fabulous article from the Anaphylaxis Campaign

For those working in the catering industry, I'm sure that you are aware of the new legislation regarding food allergen labelling, but for a handy reference guide click here for more information.


Imaginative new use for car tax disc holder

Having just recently had to renew my car tax disc (you don't get a new one now - all electronic), this scheme is a great idea!
A policing team based in Malvern have come up with a new use for the car tax disc holder which is fast spreading across the country. Replacing the tax disc with a paper form that contains the next of kin, and if relevant any pertinent medical details, could make all the difference in an emergency. I think it's a great idea - for more on this story, click here.
For a downloadable/printable form click here. I couldn't find a Yorkshire Police version (!) but this one works. Do consider what information you would want to be accessed i.e. I've not put any addresses on mine as I wouldn't want someone to break into my car and find my home address details!


Schools and educational establishments

Following legislation changes that came into force on 1st September 2014, schools now have a statutory duty to provide for children with medical conditions in schools. The government paper can be found at this link. For a fabulous resource supporting particularly the conditions of asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy, diabetes and cystic fibrosis, check out the website - it's also a great resource for any first aider who wants to brush up on these medical conditions for general first aid.



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