Summer 2017

It's almost our summer break and the office will be going down to 'skeleton cover' from lunchtime on Friday 28 July for August and will re-open back to normal hours from Tuesday 5th September.
Helena in the office will be taking annual leave and I am being 'mummy' for the month whilst Rebecca is not in nursery! I'll be checking emails weekly, and if you've an urgent query then I can be reached on my mobile (please leave a message if I don't pick up as I'm probably mid something with child). 
Rebecca's favourites still include slides and all things 'Peppa Pig' however she has now added 'cake' to her favourites and loves all things involving wet, splashing, paint, chalk.... well messy really! Here's hoping for some nice weather over August so that we can be outside lots.
Helena, myself and the rest of the team hope that you enjoy a good break too and look forward to working with you after the holidays.
                Best wishes,
New life-saving legislation will allow schools to hold adrenaline auto-injectors from October 1st 2017!
first aid symbol
New legislation passed in Westminster this month allows schools in the UK to keep spare adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) for emergency use.
AAIs deliver a potentially life-saving dose of adrenaline in the event of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). This legislation comes into effect from 1 October 2017 see here for full details. The key paragraph states:
'From this date onwards schools will be able to buy adrenaline auto-injectors, without a prescription, for use in emergencies from a pharmaceutical supplier in small quantities provided it is done on an occasional basis and is not for profit'
It should be noted that no school is required to hold spare AAI's as a result of this change in legislation, however with an increase in food allergy among young people, where one in five fatal food-allergic reactions in children happens at school, statistically this change in legislation could be a life-saver.
There will however be implications for schools who choose to hold spare AAI's on site in terms of increasing awareness in staff in the recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis - we are able to provide training on this so please do contact us and ask to speak to Helen.

Top tips for a happy holiday
Accidents and/or illnesses can really spoil your holiday so before you go remember to order enough of any prescribed medications to pack and consider taking key over the counter items with you. These may include sun-cream, anti-histamines if you are prone to nasty reactions to insect bites and basics such as paracetamol and plasters/first aid kits. A pack of baby wipes is ideal for cleaning hands when out on picnics etc. If travelling abroad consider a chat with your local pharmacist before you travel as they will be able to advise you on any travel vaccinations and likely over the counter items that may be particularly useful; they are also a fabulous resource when away on holiday in the UK for minor injuries and illnesses.
Remember that sunburn is a radiant burn that 'comes out' hours after the damage has been done. Beware of using after-sun preparations which contain oils as this may increase the burn and perfumes often irritate damaged skin. A pharmacist will usually recommend aqueous cream (a water based cream); a cool (not freezing) shower often gives some relief then it is best to moisturise the skin whilst keeping covered up from further sun. Heat exhaustion leading to heat stroke is a possibility after too much sun so keep hydrated. Ice-lollies are a great trick for getting children and young people to drink - nice for adults too.

HSE annual fatality statistics
The HSE has released its annual fatality statistics. In the period of April 2016 - March 2017 there were 137 workers fatally injured - the second lowest year on record with a rate of 0.43 per 100,000 workers. Key industry sectors affected were:
  • 30 fatal injuries to construction workers
  • 27 fatal injuries to agricultural workers
  • 14 fatal injuries to waste and recycling workers

There were also 92 members of the public fatally injured with accidents connected to work - almost half of these occurred on railways. For full details click here.  


Leeds Allergy Support Group
There is no formal meeting over the summer for the support group, however a few families who've attended this year with young children have expressed concerns over attending soft play centres as they are worried over cross-contamination of allergens. I'm happy to organise one or two play dates over the August break so contact me directly - mobile best - if you're interested. Helen