Helen Wainwright 100 with Steven
I can't believe how time has flown - our daughter has reached the magical age of 3 (where they know EVERYTHING!) and Steven and I manage a rare walk or night out! At work our open course programme has been published up to the end of July 2019 - for details of open course dates please see our website or contact us directly. Key events coming up at this time of year are Halloween and Bonfire Night - see articles below for topical first aid issues related to these events to help in staying safe.
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Helen and the rest of the team at Underwood Training
Trick or Treat - be allergy-wise
With Halloween fast approaching and 'Trick or Treat' being a favourite game of many children, this can be a worrying time for families of those with food allergies - who don't want their child to be treated differently from their peers. Consider giving items containing ingredients on the label so sweets/chocolate can be checked and alternatives such as stickers for younger children.
The recent death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who ate a sandwich containing hidden sesame on a flight comes to mind - see BBC news article . For more information on allergy support (including a Leeds Allergy and Anaphylaxis Support Group) and the Anaphylaxis Campaign's response to this tragedy click here
Note: see the MHRA section below regarding shortages of Adrenaline injectors.
Remember, remember the 5th of November!
It is predicted that this year 500 children and their families will join the growing number of people who remember bonfire night for the wrong reasons having been injured as a result of an accident with fireworks (source: Children's Burn's Trust).
Did you know - Sparklers can reach temperatures of 20 times the boiling point of water? Tip: ensure gloves are worn and a bucket of water is available to put used sparklers in hot end down.
The Children's Burns Trust website contains fabulous learning resources for working with children from Early Years right through to Key Stage 4 and a great First Aid advice section .
If on fire - STOP, DROP and ROLL
For any burn: Cool with water - preferably running - for 20 minutes. Remove jewellery and clothing unless stuck to the wound. Cover any burn wounds after cooling with cling-film or a non-fluffy sterile dressing. Keep the casualty warm and seek medical advice - for severe burns dial 999.
The Health and Safety Executive has an advice page for those organising firework displays - check this out even if doing a private/home display as it contains great tips and information.
MHRA Drug Safety Updates
MHRA are asking people who use the CoaguChek device to check their test strips as a precaution following an alert by the manufacturer Roche - Click here for information.
MHRA advice: Patients can continue to use the EpiPen 300 microgram auto-injectors of specified lots safely until the extended use-by date in the table. Further information about batches affected can be found on the Epipen website.